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Ink space is a clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC designed to share the talent of tattoo artists. Inspired by classic and modern designs, ink space features tattoo artists from around the globe. Made from bamboo, these shirts feel a second skin. 

What is ink space?

ink space clothing is a brand that has cool tattoo designs on shirts. Each design is from a real tattoo artist who has collaborated with the brand. Get your limited edition shirt! Made with Bamboo in Vancouver BC, these shirts support the local economy and strive to use sustainable fabrics and practices. Cool new looks with ink space. Be unique. Wear art. Support art. So many types of designs: traditional tattoo, japanese tattoo, geometric tattoo, trash polka tattoo, pointilism tattoo, sacred geometry tattoo, new school tattoo, black and grey tattoo, portrait tattoo, neo-traditional tattoo, and many more. Get inked with no commitment. Chic. Awesome. Original. Tattoos. Flash. Baseball tee style. Slim fit. Soft. Neutral colour clothing. Statement. Stand out. Coming soon. Launching 2016. New fashion. New style. New look. Want your clothing to reflect your personality? Stylish, hipster, trendy. Growing into leggings, pants, and other articles of clothing. 

Our mission is to spread tattoo culture through thoughtfully designed, limited edition apparel that supports talented artists around the globe, creating a line of products that can be worn by the everyday badass. 

Bored with your current wardrobe? Dare to be unique with ink space. Your style shouldn't be limited to those in front of you. Attract 360 degree attention with the unique placement of our designs. Even better yet, know that each design is a limited edition run of 500. We know that it is tough to pull the trigger on a new piece. ink space allows you to rock the designs of world class artists without the permanent commitment, all in order to get you in that chair sooner rather than later. *machine buzz* Or maybe your canvas is already fully inked and you have no room left. ink space gives you a second skin. Tattoos in today's age have changed. Ranging from traditional to geometric, trash polka to new school, the talent out there is extremely impressive. Look to ink space to provide you with the most cutting edge and exclusive tattoo designs on clothing to keep your interest piqued. 

Get ready to be inspired. 

The idea for ink space was born in a small coffee shop in the town of Sidney on Vancouver Island. Over coffee and a hazelnut croissant, we recognized the growth and change in the tattoo industry and the amazing work that's being inked today. Light bulb moment! 

Who is spreading the latest in tattoo designs and originality out there? The amount of detail and time spent on each design deserves a ton of recognition, and we realized that we can make a difference for those artists that are struggling to get their work seen. 

But does everyone want a tattoo? Not necessarily.  

Can this be translated to fabric? We decided to take on this challenge.

Our designs are contemporary and move away from the traditional images you may expect from tattoo clothing. While we respect and admire traditional tattoo art, we want the public to know the cutting edge. We give complete artistic freedom to each artist, allowing them to truly express their style.

We consider ink space a partnership with tattoo artists, not a business solely looking for profit. From the beginning, our mission has been to give back to the artist and ensure they're credited for their work. A portion of each sale goes back to the designing artist. 

ink space is a place where you can connect, follow and engage directly with local and international talent. 

Our shirts are locally and thoughtfully crafted in Vancouver, BC. Made with the softest blend of rayon from bamboo, cotton and spandex, our shirts are made to feel amazing and fit your body right. We've preshrunk the fabric, providing easy care for you.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo has a natural sheen to the surface and feels similar to cashmere, with protective fibre that naturally prevents the growth of bacteria, thus keeping you odour-free. Bamboo apparel is:

  • comfortable
  • more breathable
  • fast drying and moisture-wicking
  • anti-static
  • thermal regulating, keeping you cool in the summer and perfect for layering in winter
  • inherently organic, grown without pesticides and absorbing 5 times more carbon dioxide while producing 35% more oxygen

Did you know it has been found to show no reduction in it's antibacterial nature or other properties, even after 50 washes! There are as many as 250 species of Bamboo. Panda Bears eat 4-5 types of Bamboo plants. Ink space clothing is not made from any of these species, therefore, our fabric is Panda Friendly.


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