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Ink space is a clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC designed to share the talent of tattoo artists. Inspired by classic and modern designs, ink space features tattoo artists from around the globe. Made from bamboo, these shirts feel a second skin. 

Rene Botha

ink space clothing is a brand that has cool tattoo designs on shirts. Each design is from a real tattoo artist who has collaborated with the brand. Get your limited edition shirt! Made with Bamboo in Vancouver BC, these shirts support the local economy and strive to use sustainable fabrics and practices. Cool new looks with ink space. Be unique. Wear art. Support art. So many types of designs: traditional tattoo, japanese tattoo, geometric tattoo, trash polka tattoo, pointilism tattoo, sacred geometry tattoo, new school tattoo, black and grey tattoo, portrait tattoo, neo-traditional tattoo, and many more. Get inked with no commitment. Chic. Awesome. Original. Tattoos. Flash. Baseball tee style. Slim fit. Soft. Neutral colour clothing. Statement. Stand out. Coming soon. Launching 2016. New fashion. New style. New look. Want your clothing to reflect your personality? Stylish, hipster, trendy. Growing into leggings, pants, and other articles of clothing. 

Name: Rene Botha

Hometown: Vancouver

Works at: The Fall Tattooing & Artists Gallery 

Specializes in: Blackwork & Black and Grey Realism

About: Born in South Africa, René Botha immigrated to Canada at the age of 14. Inspired by the versatility and genius of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, she has been drawing, painting, writing and playing music all her life. 

After graduating from high school, René studied the human form in great detail by obtaining a Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy. Over the last 8 years of tattooing, René has focused on incorporating elements of realism into her work which projects a distinct style as a tattoo artist.

Why did you start tattooing?: I saw an opportunity to make a living as an artist and I pounced on it!

What was your first tattoo?: Tribal dragon straight out of the 90’s

Driving song of choice: “Oblivion” by Grimes

Dream vacation spot: Iceland

What would someone find in the trunk of your car: A giant bag of winter jackets I can’t fit in my closet.

Your hangover cure: Purple Gatorade

What inspires you?: Bravery, honesty, integrity and generally sticking it to “the man”

Most memorable tattoo you’ve done: I covered up a large swastika on a former white supremacist, who is now an advocate against racism and hate. He has publicly shared his story of the people who challenged him to rethink his bigotry and reform his life.

Check out his blog describing the entire experience